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Areas of Interest

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Metabolic Health

If your concern is weight loss, disease prevention, fertility or just feeling your best, metabolic health is at the foundation of health! 

Signs of a healthy metabolism include stable energy throughout the day, the ability to maintain a healthy weight, a positive outlook on life, high-quality sleep, a healthy libido, and a regular menstrual cycle.

But just like how metabolic health can impact so many areas of our life, so many things can impact our metabolic health. Metabolic health is determined by hormonal levels, stress, sleep, environmental exposure, exercise and food. 

If you are looking to improve your metabolic health this year working with a Naturopathic Doctor can help curate a targeted and strategic approach to improve metabolic fitness and get you to feel your best! 

Hormonal Health

As women,  we are often told that feeling tired, stressed and burnt out is normal. It may be common, but that does not make it normal!

When your hormones are in balance, they work for you! Helping you to feel energized, enthusiastic and excited for life. 

The modern world wreaks havoc on our hormones. High-stress levels, poor sleep, demanding jobs, and people-pleasing often lead women to feel burnout and confused over how they are supposed to manage their health. 

But as women, we deserve better! We deserve health care that is focused on optimizing hormonal health to get us feeling our best again so we can show up as the happiest, healthiest and most vibrant versions of ourselves! 

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Nutrition Counseling

While many factors impact our health, a healthy diet is one of the pillars of health. 

However, healthy cooking can feel intimidating for many. On top of this, nutrition information online can seem overwhelming, complicated and often confusing. 

I love working with patients to educate them about healthy eating and cooking. I want to help get you inspired and excited to get into the kitchen and cook nutritious and delicious food. 

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Immune Health

Immune dysfunction can present as both an under and over-functioning immune system. An under-functioning immune system will result in frequent infections, while an over-functioning immune system can result in several autoimmune conditions.

If you are struggling with recurrent infections, supporting the immune system through diet, lifestyle and environmental changes can help to strengthen the immune system and decrease the frequency and severity of infections. 

If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, then reducing inflammation, managing stress and making lifestyle changes can help to manage the condition. 

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Family Health

Whether you are looking to conceive, are currently pregnant or have children, a family-centred approach to health can benefit all members of your growing family. 

Laying the foundations of health early in a child's life can profoundly impact their health for the rest of their lives. 

Whether your child is struggling with a specific health concern, needs extra support for cold and flu season, or you are just looking to lay the foundations of health early, I am here to help! 

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